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DP Gear Cutters Module Gear Cutters Chain Sprocket Cutters

Approx Price: Rs 621 / Piece 
DP Gear Cutters Module Gear Cutters Chain Sprocket Cutters

Involute Gear Cutters

DP Gear Cutters, Module Gear Cutters and CP Gear Cutters

We manufacture ground relieved involute gear cutters and machine relieved Involute gear cutters class “AA” “B” & “C” gear cutters with various pressure angles. Involute Gear Cutters are available from 0.5 module to 55 module & 0.5 DP Gear Cutters to 64 DP Gear Cutters, # 1 to # 8 with conforming standards to BS & IS.

Chain Sprocket Cutters

Chain sprocket cutters are manufactured from 1/4" pitch to 3" pitch conforming standards to DIN, BS.
Sprocket Cutters No 1 cuts 9 – 12 tooth sprocket.
Sprocket Cutters No 2 cuts 13 - 19 tooth sprocket,
Sprocket Cutters No 3 cuts 20 - Up tooth sprocket
Sprocket Cutters for American Standard Roller Chains are also available in sets of 5

Spline Cutters

Spline Cutters are furnished for Involute Spline and Parallel Key Splines, Involute and Straight Sided Serratons. For special Spline, Spline Cutters, the Drawings of the components should be supplied.

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