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DMC Adjustable Crimp Tool M22520/1-01

Approx Price: Rs 18,900 / Piece 
The Dmc Af8, Qualified to Mil-dtl-22520/1*, Has Virtually Limitless Application Within the Specified Wire Range of 12 Through 26 Awg. over a Thousand Turret Heads Are Available to Adapt the Tool Frame to Your Specific Military or Proprietary Contact/Wire Combination. the 8 Impression Crimp, Which is Standard in the Af8, Assures Absolute Maximum Tensile Strength with Almost Every Closed Barrel Contact. Special Indent Configurations and Gaging Are Available Upon Request.
For Proper Operation, the Tool Must Be Mated with One of the Following Optional Accessories: a Military Standard or Non-military Turret Head (Th-xxx Part No. Series), a Military Standard or Non-military Positioner (Tp-xxx Part No. Series), or an Adjustable Head (Part No. Uh2-5). This is Done Simply by Orienting the Head in the Keyed Position, and by Tightening the Hex Socket Screws Provided as Part of the Head.
The Precision Ratchet Controls Cycling of the Tool in Both Directions of Handle Movement. This Assures the Same Accurate Crimp Every Time. It's Like Having a Quality Control Inspector at Every Work Station.

Positive Crimp Depth is Controlled by an 8 Position Selector Knob Conveniently Located on the Tool Frame. the Operator Simply Dials the Desired Step for the Wire Being Used. This Setting Can Be Secured by Use of a Locking Pin or Safety Wire.

The Carefully Engineered Design Achieves the Absolute Maximum Mechanical Advantage and the Tool's Light Weight Helps Minimize Operator Fatigue.

A Permanent Dataplate is Affixed to All Turret Heads and Positioners. This Plate Lists Specific Contact Part Numbers, the Corresponding Position Color Code (For 3 Position Turret Heads), and Suggested Selector Depth Settings for the Wire Size Being Used.

The Adjustable Head (P/N Uh2-5) is Ideally Suited for Lab Work and Prototype Production Applications. This Head is Attached in the Same Manner as Explained Above. the Selected Contact is Inserted Through the Entry Hole on the Opposite Side of the Tool Frame from the Head. the Height Adjusting Screw is then Rotated Until the Contact is in the Proper Position for Crimping. the Screw Can Be Secured with the Locknut Provided. Some Testing Will Be Necessary to Determine the Optimum Selector Setting for Your Contact/Wire Combination.

The Af8 is Approximately 93⁄4" X 21⁄2" X 11⁄4" and Weighs 15 Oz..

Plastic Tools Vs. Dmc Metal Tools

Plastic Tools Are Used Throughout the Industry. Dmc’s Policy is to Give Our Customers the Greatest Savings for the Best Quality Tools We Manufacture Metal Tools, Although Initially More Costly, Offer a Quality Product and a Lower Tooling Cost in Servicing Electrical Connectors. Please Refer to Our Cross-reference Lists for Any Plastic to Metal Replacement Equivalents You May Need.

The Tools Are Available in Two Basic Lengths with a Metal or Plastic Insertion Foot.

DMC Insertion Tools

DMC Miniature Adjustable Crimp Tools

Approx Price: Rs 18,900 / Piece 
Miniature adjustable crimp tools lower range crimp tool - AFM8 (m22520/2-01)

Qualified to Mil-DTL-22520/2*, the dmc afm8 is designed for most of the miniature and sub-miniature connector types that are so widely used in electronic systems. The afm8 meets the need for a miniature tool accommodating wire sizes 20 through 32 awg.

The AFM8 gives a mil-standard 8 impression crimp, which assures maximum tensile strength. The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures consistently accurate crimps every time. The tool frame has a built-in 8 step selector knob for ease in dialing the correct crimp depth setting for the wire being used.

Positioners adapt the tool frame to a particular application. The data plate on each positioner designates which contacts the positioner accommodates for its wire size and indicates selector position. The positioner is easily removed and changed.

Periodic gaging is recommended to insure accurate calibration. This is easily accomplished with the m22520/3-1 “go/no-go” gage (dmc part no. G125) on sel setting #8. The afm8 is 6 3/4" in length and weighs approximately 10 oz.

Other than keeping the tool clean and properly stored when not in use, no operator maintenance is required. Pneumatic versions of this tool can be found here.

The DMC274 tool kit (pictured right) contains the AFM8 tool frame, tool gage, and all mil-spec positioners. Also included in the dmc274 are tool instruction sheets and a tool selection chart.

* change to sae as22520 in process consult dmc for status.

Military p/nDMC p/nDescriptionNSN
m22520/2-01afm8tool frame5120-01-335-8572

DMC Middle Range Crimp Tool

Approx Price: Rs 32,000 / Piece 
Middle range crimp tool - mh860 (m22520/7-01)

Qalified to mil-dtl-22520/7*, the DMC MH860 is a recent addition to the military specification. It was developed to meet the demonstrated need for supporting the majority of electrical systems with one versatile crimp tool frame.

The mh860 accepts the entire middle wire range of 16 through 28 awg, with positioners which adapt it to virtually all applications consistent with others in the mil-dtl-22520 family.

Pneumatic versions of this tool can be found here.

The dmc123 tool kit contains the mh860 tool frame, tool gauge, and all mil-spec positioners.

Also included in the dmc123 are tool instruction sheets and a tool selection chart.

* Change to sae as22520 in process consult dmc for status.

Military p/ndmc p/nDescriptionnsn
M22520/7-01mh860Tool frame5120-01-335-8573
86-37Adjustable positioner
DMC132m22520/7 tool kit5180-01-355-5616

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MH860-M22520-7-01

DMC The MIl-C-28840 Crimping Tooling

Approx Price: Rs 32,000 / Piece 
The MIL-C-28840 tooling

MIL-C-28840 connectors were developed for the navy, for use with jacketed cable in shipboard applications. They are a high density circular connector series utilizing a high shock threaded coupling system with front release crimped contacts.

For these connectors dmc has added a new crimping tool to its range, the M22520/34-01 and other tools as follows:

Military P/NDMC P/NDescriptionDMC P/N
M22520/34-0139-000Basic crimp tool5120-01-242-3516
M81969/33-01DAK55-22SAInst. Tool (straight)5120-01-230-1506
M81969/33-02DAK55-22JAInst. Tool (offset)5120-01-335-8666
M81969/34-01DRK56-22ARemoval tool5120-01-230-1507
DMC782MIL-C-28840 tools kit5180-01-363-1391

DMC AMT4001 Crimp Tool for Terminals - M22520/40-01

Approx Price: Rs 32,000 / Piece 
Amt4001 Crimp Tool for Terminals - M22520/40-01 for Terminals, Splices & Endcaps

♦ Cycle Controlled

♦ Wire Sizes 26 Through 14

♦ Adjustable Insulation Barrel

The Amt4001 (M22520/40-01) Crimp Tool is a Fast, Manually Operated Tool for Crimping As7928 (Mil-t-7928) Ring Terminals and Splices for Wire Sizes 26 Through 14 (Terminal and Splice Color Codes Small-yellow, Red, and Blue).

The Amt4001 Provides a Ratchet Controlled Crimp to Ensure Full Crimp Force/Closure is Applied. the Handles Will Not Open Until They Have Been Fully Closed and the Crimp Completed.

The Tool is Equipped with a Locator to Hold Terminals and Splices in Place for Crimping.

The Amt4001 is 10 3/4 Inches Long, and Weighs 1.48 Lbs. for Long Life and Optimum Performance, This Tool Should Be Kept Clean and Handled Carefully, as Any Other Precision Instrument.

Mil Qualified Gages Are Available for Checking Calibration.

  • Red Conductor - Amtg4301
  • Red Insulation - Amtg4303
  • Blue Conductor - Amtg4302
  • Blue Insulation - Amtg4304

Tool Also Produces Crimped Assemblies That Comply with the Ipc/Whma-a-620-a Industry Guidelines for Stamped and Formed-closed Barrel-insulation Support Crimps.

DMC Crimp Tool - M22520/2-01

DMC Crimp Tool AFM8-K1034 with K1034 Positioner

DMC Crimp Tool AFM8-K259 With K259 Positioner

M22520/10-01 (HX3) Open Frame Crimp Tools

Approx Price: Rs 24,850 / Piece 
DMC M22520/5-01 (HX4) & M22520/10-01 (HX3) Open Frame Crimp Tools

Open Frame Crimp Tools M22520/5-01 (HX4) & M22520/10-01 (HX3)

The DMC HX4 and HX3 series crimp tools feature a system of interchangeable dies which eliminate the need of separate fixed die crimp tools for each and every different application. Many maintenance and manufacturing concerns have standardized on one of these models, thus eliminating the cost associated with maintaining and calibrating bulky inventories of single purpose tools.

Tremendous flexibility and cost advantages exist with this crimping system due to the wide variety of interchangeable dies which are available for these tool frames. As new requirements evolve, a new set
of dies is all that’s required to meet the demand. A truly modern concept which will not require major change with time…only simple additions.

Crimping dies are snapped into the tool frame and retained in place by internal spring clips. They may be permanently secured, if desired, by driving a roll pin into the holes provided.

The tool frames are equipped with a positive ratchet assembly which controls complete handle movement in both directions.

Hexagonal crimp dies are available in a variety of combinations having single, double, and even triple cavity design. These dies accommodate most coaxial and biaxial connectors and contacts conforming to MIL-C-39012, MIL-C-39029, and numerous proprietary configurations. Other designs are available for coaxial connections requiring different termination techniques

Bench Press Style Open Frame Crimp Tools - UDT4

Approx Price: Rs 41,000 / Piece 
DMC Bench Press Style Open Frame Crimp Tools - UDT4 & UDT3

The UDT4 & UDT3 tools have the die frame opening on the opposite side of the tool frame from the HX4 & HX3 so the tool can be used as a portable bench top press or as a hand tool. The tool frames are equipped with the same positive ratchet assembly and accept the same “Y” and “X” series dies. When used as a bench top press, the operator gains a greater mechanical advantage, thereby reducing operator fatigue.

Common Hex Dies for HX4, HXE4B, HX23, HD37, HDE37B & EHCY
P/N ♦
HX4M22520/5-015120-01-335-8575Standard Crimp Tool Frame

DMC Common Hex Dies

Approx Price: Rs 41,000 / Piece 
These are for HX4, HXE4B, HX23, HD37
Common Hex Dies for HX4, HXE4B, HX23, HD37, HDE37B & EHCY
DIE P/NDIE Closure Dimensions
P/N ♦
National stock
HX4M22520/5-015120-01-335-8575Standard Crimp Tool Frame
HXE4BN/AN/ABattery Powered Hydraulic Crimp Tool Frame
HX23N/AN/APneumatic Crimp Tool Frame
HD37N/AN/AHydraulic Crimp Tool Frame
HDE37BN/AN/ABattery Powered Hydraulic Crimp Tool Frame
EHCYN/AN/AElectro-Hydraulic Crimp Tool Frame
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