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Our Product Range

Widely acclaimed in the industry for manufacture of world class electronic measuring instruments, we have achieved proficiency in the field. Our products are globally appreciated for quality, durability, precision dimensions and efficient service life. The global standard range offered by us has earned us clientele far and wide. We are making efforts to bring new and innovative products in continuously.   We offer our clients with a world class product range which includes:
Category Products
Hand Tools  
  • Taparia
  • Screw Drivers (Everest)
  • Wrenches (Everest)
  • Pullers (Everest)
  • Toolkits
  • Bolt Cutters (Everest)
  • Pliers (Everest)
  • Socketry (Everest)
  • Combination Spanners (Gedore)
  • Socket Wrenches (Gedore)
  • Allen Keys (Gedore)
  • Pipe Wrenches (Gedore)
  • Tool Boxes
  • Hammers (Everest)
  • Ring Spanners (Gedore)
  • Flat Nut Spanners (Gedore)
  • Open End Spanners (Gedore)
  • Hook Spanners (Geodre)
  • Crowfoot Spanners (Gedore)
  • Slogging Spanners (Gedore)
  • Sockets (Gedore)
  • Screw Drivers (Gedore)
  • Pipe Cutters (Gedore)
  • Snips (Gedore)
  • Wheel Wrenches (Gedore)
  • Levers (Gedore)
  • Suction Cups (Gedore)
  • Tool Boxes (Gedore)
Cutting Tools  
  • Drilling
  • Endmills-Ballnose (Dixi Polytools)
  • Engraving (Dixi Polytools)
  • Reaming (Dix Polytools)
  • Slitting-saw
  • Thread mills (Dixi Polytools)
  • Turning-Screw
  • Twist-Drills (Addison)
  • Screwing Taps (Addison)
  • Reamers
  • End Mills
  • Milling Cutters
  • Hss Taps
  • Carbon Steel Taps
  • Hand Hacksaw Blades
  • Hand Hacksaw Frame
  • Weldon shank
  • One-touch shank
  • FEIN Quick-IN shank
  • Thread Shank
  • Slitting-Saw( Dixi Polytools)
  • Diamond- CBN (Dixi Polytools)
Precision Machine Tools  
  • Cast Iron Surface Plates
  • Cast Iron Straight Edges
  • Engineer's Steel Straight Edges
  • Prismatic (Triangular) Straight Edges
  • Tool Maker's Knife Edges
  • Light Weight Aluminum Straight Edges
  • Granite Straight Edges
Electronic Measuring Instruments  
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Gal Weld Gauges
  • MiniTest 4100 (Non-magnetic coatings)
  • Electronic Pen Test
  • Exacto
  • Dial Gauges
  • MiniTest 4100
  • PenTest
  • Dial Gauge
  • Thread Plug & Ring Gauges
  • Internal Measuring Instruments
  • Height Gage
  • Indicators
  • Wyler Hi Precision Spirit Level
  • Tesa Precision Equipment
  Our product range is characterized by features like:  

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